Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Plan

I just read about a family that cooked 365 days in a row using Rachael Ray's 365 No Repeat cookbook. I thought what a great idea and also what an inspiration. And believe me I need inspiration. Anyway this couple with two small kids cooked every night for 365 days. They started at the beginning of the cookbook and went day by day through it even if it meant eating macaroni and cheese 4 nights in a row. They even came home after Thanksgiving and cooked. Well I like the concept of cooking more but I know I could never cook every single night. First of all most recipes make at least 4 servings and there is just the two of us so we would waste alot of food if we made something new every night. And then life happens, Steve dad wants to go out, we like to go out with the kids once in awhile so realistically I could never justify cooking every day. But I would like to cook more and to cook more things from scratch so I thought if I could set a goal of cooking 5 days a week or maybe 5 meals a week, we would eat better and be healthier. So that's what this blog is for to record my progress in achieving this goal. It might even have a side benefit if I post pictures of the food I cook. Maybe I'll become a better photographer too. Even if I don't accomplish 5 days a week maybe by just setting this goal and working towards it we'll still do better in the eating at home department. Hope so anyway. So when do I plan to start this, well hopefully in the next day or so. I need to make a master list of recipes to try and then make sure I have all the ingredients ready. Nothing would set me up for failure faster than not having what I needed to make something.
Here's to better eating and living! See ya soon.

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